Islamic Clothing Save Women

Many Muslim countries are safer for women than the United States. Even Muslim countries like Kazakhstan & Algeria are ahead of the United States. It is said in a report by child rights organization Save the Children. This organization, working on child rights, publishes a report on the list of best and worst countries for young women to live in. The survey was conducted in 144 countries. The report is prepared based on these five topics: Child marriage rate, pregnancy at the young age, maternal death, women participation in government and completion of junior schools. The US position is at number thirty-two on the list. Kazakhstan thirty and Algeria are ranked number thirty-one on the list. Women are safe in those countries because they wear Islamic clothing.

The creation of Allah is covered

The blue sky is the cover of the earth. All the resources and different species and fish in the rivers & sea-ocean, Allah placed them under the cover with water curtains. The wild animals placed with the curtains of the forest. There is no fruit that does not have curtains. The flower spreads fragrance, it's odor is hidden in the bud.

Allah preserved human with the feeling of aesthetic and morality

The screen of the eyes, the screen of the ear, the screen of the conscience and the screen of the knowledge of good and evil; Allah created human with these properties. The screen is a real need in human life, especially essential role for women character. But it is a matter of great regret, the women screen is most abandoned & neglected today. Some people treat & hated as old-fashioned. The banana without its screen, what is the commercial value in the market? The Women who do not cover her with Islamic clothing, she is similar to the worst banana.

The morality is a formula that incorporates all the social values

Islamic clothing generates morality, by which both men and women are able to involve in the discipline and order of Islamic society and life management. Basically, Allah ordered to wear Islamic clothing in order to keep the society and life pure and hassle-free and disciplined.

Women clothing in Muslim countries

It is a very important thing in the Muslim world, which clothing women will wear when going out of the house. In many Muslim countries, there was so much conflict with this issue. Reformation, socio-religion, free market, culture, etc. guided women in all direction. But the clothes of women changed over time. Sometimes, these controllers disciplined women.

The Social Research Institute of the University of Michigan recently conducted a survey in seven Muslim countries

These seven countries are Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The survey shows that most women of these countries want their hair to be fully covered. But the face can expose. Only a few different results found in Turkey and Lebanon. Women prefer to move somewhat free in these two countries.

Women have chosen little less conservative hijab system than Niqab

Each women participant was given a card to manage the survey. They asked to choose out of the six favorite niqabs (head covering cloths) that which she likes to wear publicly. Amongst six options, the head & hair completely covered with a niqab, and a little less conservative hijab system was mentioned. These five options ranged from one to five. If any of these five were not liked, there was another option for that.

Women prefer to cover hair and ears with white hijab

The survey found that the option four received more response from women participants in the Muslim majority country. That is, most women prefer to cover hair and ears with white hijab in publicly. This option rate is fifty-seven percent in Tunisia, fifty-two percent in Egypt, forty-six percent in Turkey and forty-four percent in Iraq. But the black color hijab is the second choice to cover hair & ear to the Iraqi and Egyptian women. Thirty-two percent of women in Turkey think that it is acceptable not covering their hair, and about fifteen percent of them do so. Forty-nine percent of Lebanon's women think so too. However, among the participants of the Lebanese survey, twenty-seven percent were Christians. In Pakistan, one-fourth of women clothing ranges from option two to three, where they choose to cover full body expect eyes. Besides, about sixty-three percent of Saudi women clothing is in option two.

Many women would like to wear the conservative dress as well as other clothes

Many women also said that they would like to wear the conservative dress as well as other clothes by their choice. This trend is highest in Tunisia (fifty-six percent), Turkey (fifty-two percent) and Lebanon (forty-nine percent). In most of them, do not favor to cover their hair.

Have you ever heard or read the declaration of Allah?

"O, Muhammad! Tell the believing wife, they should guard their eyesight and guard genitalia and not decorate themselves, except for those things which revealed to you. And of course, they will put their veil (head cloth) on their necks and breast. And of course, their husbands, father-in-law, sons, husband's sons, brothers, nephews, sister-in-laws, their chaste and loving friends, And their own maidens, sexually incapable males and without the ignorant boy about the sex of women; must not open her clothes to show beauty to other's and must not walk fast to reveal their private parts and decorations. O believer! All of you return to Allah. So that you may be successful." (Surah Nur, Verse 24)

Where are we and our society in the present era?

Who says that if I wear Islamic clothing in this modern society, people will look at me in the eyes of mockery and laughter. But if not, then I have become modern! And only then people will not do this to me because I am just like them. Know that, in the modern society, being an exception is the belief in faith and belief in the Islamic society. It is not permissible for a Muslim to impose a personal opinion because Allah ordered to cover body to wear Islamic clothing.


If we are convinced with strong commitment and determination, then our society will transform into a happy society. This is not a surprise, but the poet asks to inspire about it, said, "Do not be frustrated even if you are not like a good person but rather try to be like them. Because the effort to be good opens the doors of welfare."

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