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Muslim Store publishes interesting articles in this blog on the category Islamic clothing, Bangladesh clothing, Islamic world. Those resourceful articles will help readers a lot to expand the knowledge base. Welcoming all to read and give valuable comments on articles, share with family and friends, let them interact and build a community for betterment. Positive comments will accept with honor, but hateful speech must not publish in posts. Such commenter will 'Ban' from this blog. 

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In the category of Islamic Clothing and Islamic World, primarily the intention is to provide needful information to the readers, growing a firm awareness on current issues happening around and diverting Muslims in the wrong path. Raise voices against deceptive media propaganda about 'Islam'.

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In the category of Bangladesh Clothing, will publish articles about garments manufacturing includes factory sourcing, buyer sourcing, product development, production process, question and answer on the specific issue which will help to the exporter and importer.

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