Trump's policy of Jerusalem rejected in UN

Jerusalem Issue

US President Donald Trump strongly condemned and protested around the world after recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. After the announcement of the trump, the Arab countries took an initiative to pass a resolution to the … Continue reading Jerusalem Issue

Burqa protects women

Burqa Protects Women

Burqa protects women from the immoral look. The main purpose of wearing the burqa to cover the beauty. Some say burqa is not mandatory to cover beauty. There are many opposite opinions.  But those are not proven by the Holy … Continue reading Burqa Protects Women

Hijab Style

Hijab Style

Hijab covers the head and chest, which is specifically worn by Muslim women. To avoid the presence of adult men outside their families, Muslim women wear hijab. The Muslim woman covers their head, face, the … Continue reading Hijab Style

Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

Garments Buying House

Many Garments Buying House like Muslim Store Clothing company established for supplying clothing to foreign buyers. There are many good Buying House in Bangladesh. Currently, the number of 911 Buying House are members of BGMEA and … Continue reading Garments Buying House