What do you think about Muslim Clothing and Modern fashion?

There are many debates over the Internet on topics of Muslim clothing and modern fashion. This article is not for the introduction of another debate. My intention is to reach those people who want to know the truth. There are many resources publishing on the Internet. Most are fake news [1] and information according to the Satan’s [2] formula divert people from the right path. Satan’s advises to make money, offers to date, watch pornography and dirty movies. Satan controlling media and spreading blatant in accordance with his testament.

Many debates over the Internet

Satan wants to put people against great Allah. But some real Muslim working to disclose true information on the Internet. It is hard work. The Satan’s side spending lots of money to spread indecent activities. They want to popular messy things in the name of modern fashion. They are many, who loves messy things and they stand on Satan’s side.

MPs, Employees, guests tried from computers and other devices to enter more than 24 thousand porn sites using the British parliament building network. The British newspaper the Guardian reported that the British Parliament’s authority released this information in response to the request of the Freedom of Information (FOI) of the Press Association. [3]

These people are modern, educated. But indeed, what are they doing? These people urge Muslim be civilized, but they restricted Muslim women to wear clothing like Hijab style in their country. They made the civilization in their way. Nudity is their ideal. They want to impose it on the Muslims. Whenever a Muslim speaks of modesty, these people tell him/her the Islamist. They are presenting Islam to the world in a way that many fear. They created modern fashion against Islam. But how can it be the modern fashion where women are shown naked? Is this the excellence of civilization?

11 women accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment. But Mr. Trump threatened that if he would be elected President, will file the case against those women. [4]

Now Mr. Trump elected president for a year, but yet he did not file the case against those women. Rather many women accusing day by day against him. Is there anyone who is more modern than Mr. Trump? No, there’s none. He is the president of a most modern country. This man recently handed over Jerusalem to Israel. His main act is hatred Muslim. There is no conscience in him. Is this man your ideal?

“The value of women in Western society depends on her external attraction or the level of gloss.” Said new Muslim Women ‘Carry Ann Oeen’. She born in Spain. Now lives in the USA.

the sense of Knowledge of the use

The glorious science and technology leading this era. But all people are not same intelligent. Some are the scientist, who invented many things. Some are general people, who use technologies with the exchange of money. When people buy a new product from the market, gets a manual with this. All people are not compatible with using every product. They do not have built-in knowledge of the use. Great Allah gave brain to human after creating them. The brain is Conscience to separate good and bad. Also the power of thinking. Great Allah sent Prophets to teach the human about knowledge of the use. All the prophets asked people to wear modest clothes according to the knowledge that Allah gave them.

To protect the sanctity, great Allah ordered all males and females to cover their body with garments. In Islam, display naked body, wear short clothes, expose physical beauty is completely forbidden. It is the identification of extreme obscenity. It is a big tool of Satan to mislead human. The one who keeps himself away from Satan’s work, he/she is the wise. The knowledge that used for good works, this is the actual use of knowledge.

Satan abuse the knowledge of use

Great Allah sent many Prophet to teach the human about knowledge of the use. On the other hand, Satan is active and inspire human to use the knowledge for destruction instead of welfare. knowledge of the use to wear Modest Islamic clothing for good reason. On the other side, Satan abuse knowledge of the use to inspire human about modern fashion to spread indecency in the society.

Sometimes we see our kids play with a device without knowledge of it, ridiculous, however enjoyable because they are just kids. But if NK President Kim Jhog Un or US President Donald Trump plays with the control switches of the Nuclear bomb, not ridiculous, however horrible because they can wreck the world. They are modern than you and me. They studied in the famous educational institute. But what lesson they actually learned? Why every day they threaten to use the nuclear bomb against the human? Are they not aware of the destruction?

The fact, their modern education made them abusive as the Satan. Mr. Trunp says, “America first”. Why he says so, rest of the people in the earth are not human? Actually, their modernism made them selfish, consumerist. This modernism cannot guide the human for better life. Great Allah knows how the human can gain most better life, so he advised in the Holy Qur’an in many verses.

Great Allah guided the human

Great Allah is the only creator of everything. He gave Holy books including the Holy Qur’an to guide human. He sent many Prophets including Muhammad (SAW) as the instructor. Human has the free will, but too weak to achieve. Also, did not know how to live well. Some have no the knowledge, cannot organize life. Some have the knowledge but misguided by Satan. Prophets who are the messenger of great Allah, they showed the right path to the human of living.  They advised which clothing are compatible with human and best to wear.

Similarity of Jew, Christian and Muslim clothing

Jew, Christian and Muslim religion people wear very similar clothing. Women of those religions wear Hijab and cover their body. The truth is that when the Jew religion corrupted, great Allah replaced the Christian. When the Christian religion corrupted, Islam replaced. According to the Holy Qur’an, everybody is Muslim. So dress code for Jew, Christian and Muslim are same. But Satan always tries to divert human. So he established the idea of nudity in the name of modern fashion.

Jew, Christian, Muslim Clothing

Satanic acts against the human

After the creation of human beings, Allah said, “O Adam, this (Satan) is the enemy of you and your wife, So do not let him drive you out of Paradise. Then you will be in pain. This is for you (Paradise) that you will not be hungry here nor clothless. And you will not be thirsty nor you will suffer from sunlight. But Satan said to them, “O Adam, will I tell you about the eternal life giver tree and the everlasting kingdom? Then both of them ate of its fruit, and their shame was exposed in front of them, and they began to cover themselves with the tree-leafs of the garden. Adam disobeyed his Lord, so he became astray.”(20: 116-121)

Satan is continuing to plot his deception against human

Allah had warned them not to eat the fruit of this forbidden tree. But Satan subdued them by persuasion. From that start, Satan is misguiding and deceiving mankind. He will continue to plot his deception against humans till Resurrection. So always Allah warned mankind, “O son of Adam, do not let Satan deceive you; As he has driven your parents out of Paradise, even they have taken out clothes from their bodies to show them their shame. He and his tribe see you, from where you do not see them. Those who do not believe (in Allah), I have made satans as their friends “(7:27).

Indecency and nudity are satanic acts

Indecency and nudity are the satanic acts and Satan is the obvious enemy of human. Satan always entices human in this matter and creates disasters in society. Satan’s brought down the original parents from the Paradise to the earth using the weapon of nudity.

Murcyleen Peerzada

Let’s see how clothing impact life. Have a look at Murcyleen Peerzada‘s biography on Wikipedia. She came to the last year of the university, received a proposal from many directors to act in the film. They asked her for a screen test. She said, “I stood in front of the camera wearing Salwar Kameez. Suddenly I felt physically and mentally unprotected.” She immediately said to the director that it is not possible with her. She thought that the actress always wears very open clothing in the film. So finally she decided not to act anymore.


She has chosen to wear Muslim clothing

There are many changes now in the life of Murcyleen Peerzada. She abandoned her western life. At one time, who wore expensive costumes and Jeans, now she wears a black Burqa. Nowadays, she gives lectures about Islam to the public. Murcyleen Peerzada‘s lectures are available on Instagram, there are 111K followers on her account. She said, “No one has compelled me, I wear the hijab on my own wish. After wearing the hijab, I felt a different freedom in my life which I never feel before.”

She feels invulnerable wearing Muslim clothing

Murcyleen Peerzada refused fame and wealth, but hope reward from Allah. Fame and wealth not sustainable, but reward from Allah forever. She wears Muslim clothing, as she feels invulnerable rather than wearing modern fashion clothing. She said, “I do not want to induce people to commit the crime. That’s why I have left the cinema world and I think it’s a good decision.” She urges people to take a firm virtuous in one of her videos so that people can stay on the right path. She does not go to the party and the nightclub anymore.

Human, Civilization, Clothing still relevant

Human is the civilized creature. The recognition of the civilization is the modesty. Although abusive seduction creates temporary thrill, it does not accept at the end in any society. As a civilized creature, one of the identities of human civilization is clothing. Indeed, Muslim clothing not only cover body but also grow the personality, increase modesty, manifest social standing a lot of a person.

Modern fashion clothing

Cotton cultivation and process yarn in the gradation of the agricultural system, and the process of knitting fabric with yarn is invented, and clothes are made of that fabric are inaugurate to prevent nudity. Which continuing from the primitive period to the present day.

At one time, hand-knitting weaving used for weaving fabrics. Later on, the mechanical process of fabrication invented, which produce beautiful and fine cloth. In the continuation of revolutionary change, there are many types of clothing introduced country by country by fashioners and tailors.

At present day, in the free market economy to raise selling and profit much more, called distorted clothing as modern fashion. In fact, following imitation is bad from all sides. Unfortunately, in the name of modern fashion clothing, civil warfare is going on in commercial thinking as well. It cannot be desirable in any way.

Different style of clothing, but the purpose is covering body

Clothing designs are different due to differences in religion, culture, climate. For example, there is a kind of clothing in the Christ religion western country, there is another type of Muslim clothing in the desert region of the Middle East, India’s clothing is one kind, China’s clothing is different. In this way, dresses are different according to race, religion, color, weather, country. However, the main reason for wearing clothes is to cover beauty parts of the body, maintain modesty, and to protect the body from winter-warming, sunshine, dust. Elegant-Modest Dressing revealer of genteel tendency.

Which are modest clothing?

Now the question may ask what kind of clothing is meant modest. Generally, dresses in accordance with religious laws and practices are called modest clothing. Similarly, the type of clothing we wear do not embarrass us or others, it is called modest clothing. If a man or a woman wear such clothes and feel embarrassed to go to parents, brothers and other relatives; Or if somebody wears such embarrass clothes and does not feel uncomfortable because of impudent nature, but embarrassed others; those clothes are not modest. Similarly, if a parent falls into the mental discomfort and disorderly condition in public due to the design of the clothes their children have worn, it is not a decent dress.

Many Muslim Man and Woman do not wear modest clothing

Regrettably, many Muslim men and women wear such clothes which are not suitable in accordance with Islam. In particular, some Muslim women and young women wear tight pants and different designs of the modern fashion. There is a perspective on those clothes. Their clothes will not exaggerate to consider the perverted as obscene.

Following western Consumerist philosophies, distorted fashion designs growing rapidly in Muslim society. A group of young people, men, and women think themselves as smart and happy by wearing those clothes in the name of freedom and modern fashion. It is also astonishing that in the name of modernity; Indecency rapidly spreading in the society through electronic media, watching drama-cinema, and different types of advertisements.

Why will you wear Muslim clothing?

Someone may think that this is contrary to modernity. However, in the name of fashion, the ornithology of the perverted rituals will not synonymous with modernity. The fact is, due to the design of clothes, if a person faces a shameful and irritating situation in the public, it can not be called a modest dress. No matter how it explains, everybody will agree that the miscreants badly behave to the women who wear the indecent dress. But the miscreants cannot easily misbehave to the women who wear decent Muslim clothing.

“In the name of independence, the Western world has made women’s body commercial products. Especially in Europe and under the ideology of its media, they are in a very endangered culture. Body exhibition and pornography are very common in these societies.” According to the commentary of CNN.


In the age of modern science-technology, everything is changing country by country. Because change is the rule of the world. That’s why people will not take food with nose instead of the mouth, will not walk on the hand instead of feet, will not listen by the eyes instead of ears, or will not try to look by ears instead of eyes. Everyone will have to think about the matter. Remember that clothing is not only in life but also in death.

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