Modest Islamic Clothing

Wearing modest Islamic clothing is not only a vogue to Muslims. Most of the people of Muslim countries wear Islamic clothing as per the rule of Holy Qur'an. Islamic Fashion impacts on the mental stability. We see otherness between a person who wears modest Islamic clothing and who wears western clothing. Their daily lifestyle including thinking, talking, dealing all are different.

Mentality grows in surrounding condition. The place where someone lives, impacts on life. Crazy mentality grows in free society. There no one cares others. The parent doesn't look after children. Children don't care parent. A sick society has been built by so-called progressive. However, the outcome is terrible. So much boring, violence, no peace at all. All these due to absent of modesty. But in an Islamic environment, where Muslims practice Sunnah in their daily life and wear modest Islamic clothing; they are in peace.

Islam and Clothing

Muslims are eager about clothing in two connection. One is general clothing to wear inside the house & outside the house. The second is religious clothing. Women can't wear men's clothing, transparent, tight fit which causes visible body outline. Face and hands can be opened, but the full body must be covered. The Holy Qur'an humbly advises the Muslim women to cover their genitals and breast. Women wear the niqab in several Islamic communities. It's a curtain that covers the whole face without the eyes. Also, women wear a full-body clothing namely Burqa that covers the eyes. Restrictive measures are less for men, but not unimportant. Men must cover his navel to knees, Shoulder, trunk. Men must not wear clothes made of Silk.

Modesty Generates Good Behavior

Indeed, the modesty generates good behavior. If it is absent, humanity doesn't exist. In Islam, modesty is the part of faith. Every Muslim must have to behave well. A Muslim is not a real Muslim if others are not safe from his/her behavior. Modest Islamic clothing impulse to control conducts. It works silently inward, creates a soft nature.

Islam firmly emphasized the thought of courtesy and modesty. It has been cited in many authentic hadith that "modesty is the belief." The interaction between members of the opposite sex, and in reality, same-sex members need mildness in some areas. Clothing code which is part of overall education.

Modesty by Clothing

Modesty by Clothing is the principal in Islam. Islam never accepts nudity. Nudity is kind of mental distortion. If women wear short clothes in her father in law, is it appropriate? There is no peace, where no family values. Islam offers a sustainable pleasant life. Not only that. Islam has shown ways of gaining excellence in life by modesty. We will have to achieve modestly first in our behavior. If we are unable to help other but still can make them happy speak modestly. Rules of modesty marked out in the Holy Qur'an. The Holy Qur'an is the guideline for whole life. It is conducive to the human being.

Muslim Women Cover Her

Many Muslim Woman doesn't wear modest Islamic clothing. They're Muslim but different. However, real Muslim women wear modest Islamic clothing. They fear Allah. Islam doesn't accept to dishonor women. So real Muslim women cover her when she goes out. She never gives a chance to an outsider to measure her figure. Islamic clothing saves a woman from an immoral look. Muslim women wear fashionable clothing for her husband. Indeed, the holy relation between husband and wife more than friends. Everything they share and love each other. Islam gives the highest value to women. A mother is greater than a father in terms of respect. Women are soft but do much more hard work. Allah created them like this. Islam doesn't accept to force Women but advised to discuss. A real Muslim woman willingly wears Islamic clothing. Even if a husband wants her wife to wear western clothing, she doesn't wear.

Women put apart her from immoral looks

Real Muslim women cover her hair and chest by a hijab. She put apart her from immoral looks of other men. She covers her when goes out or in school or in the workplace; everywhere she does. An honest woman can't accept men looks her immoral and think bad. She is the holy property of her husband. She doesn't want to show her figure publicly. On the other hand, it is harmful to men to look immoral to other women. It is a big sin. Also, this habit spoils his soul and engages him bad activities. Guess, why American women don't feel secure with their man or boyfriend. They don't trust men. However, Islam advises men move down eyes from women at first sight and speak with modesty.

Some Criticize Muslim

Some organization and media intricate intentionally. They blame, Muslim women are being persecuted to wear modest Islamic Clothing. They have built a strong network around the world, spreading lies about Islam. Indeed, they can't tolerate sanctity of Islam. They see everything, but overlooking how "Rohingya Womens" are being persecuted by the state Myanmar and its Army. In India, Muslim are treated less important than a cow. Rest of the world treats women not higher than slaves. But media don't publish news. A recent survey has published. American women don't feel secure to go outside with man. Many women in the USA being persecuted in every minute. They criticise Muslim, but can't protect their women.


Clothing just not an identity of a nation, it reflects nature of Men and Women. Do we like an aggressive person? The answer is 'No'. We expect modest behavior. Is there any reason, we like aggressive clothes? The answer is 'No'. Some western countries banned wearing Islamic Clothes. But the good news is modest Islamic Clothing is achieving momentum and being popular day by day.

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