Clothing Company

Muslim Store Clothing Company is a Garments Buying House

Muslim Store Clothing Company is a Garments Buying House in Bangladesh. The company is specialized in dealings production of modest Islamic clothing. As well, Woven Garment Manufacturing, Knitwear Manufacturing, Sweater Manufacturing for Men & Women. The company has the experienced quality controller, they check quality during garment production. The expert technical team dominates production in conformity with buyer instruction.

Product Sourcing

Muslim store has the strong source of fabrics, yarns & trims in Bangladesh and abroad. Main goals of the company are the best price sourcing and delivering quality products.

buyer and factory Development

Muslim Store Clothing Company source garment factories and develop buyer with proper negotiation skills. The company has the technical background in different garment manufacturing. It's work with designers to make collections & interacting with buyers to get orders.

Foyjur Razzak Tuhin
Foyjur Razzak Tuhin

Apparel Sourcing Agent

I’m Foyjur Razzak, an apparel sourcing agent since 2001. Also, the Proprietor of Muslim Store Clothing Company. I source high-quality garment factories for buyers. I'm not the best, not the one who does everything. I'm the one of them who are in the ready-made garments business. Apparel sourcing is my profession from the beginning of my career. I like Knitwear, Sweater, Woven clothing; all belongs to me. I feel warm blessings of nice clothes. See people around to wear modest clothing. Their holy smiley faces shine, all these I like. I do assist overseas clothing buyer to get the best quality garment at best price. I feel warm blessing and see the happy face of retail customers.

the inspiration for an Apparel Sourcing Agent

An apparel sourcing agent listens the sound of silence. The agent observes the market, trends, upcoming fashion. He knows how to prepare for next season and achieve buyer satisfaction. Every year garments buying increasing. People want modest clothing that improves appearance and feels comfortable. A denim Abaya or Thobe is spectacular, relaxed. Those explore modesty, expression, simplicity.

Important guideline for an Apparel sourcing agent

I'm experienced dealing with an overseas clothing company. It is 16 years, long time, gathered very pleasant experience. In the meantime, I learned how to tackle a situation. Managing the situation for an Apparel Sousing Agent is the vital part of his/her role. An apparel sourcing agent handles issues at once if arise anytime. The garments export business is not like that everything run plan wise. Sometimes, the Garments Buyer and the sourcing agent both need to be flexible during production in factories. An agent is the concern to solve every problem. He/She a good follower of buyer instructions. Under any circumstances, the agent is Buyer side. He/She is not a good Apparel Sourcing Agent, who doesn’t follow instruction from the Buyer.

Strong commitment to Garments Buyers

I'm expert in the business. So, no way for me to overlook things that are important and need priority base action. I treat every developing stage with high priority as Buyers want. I assure my commitment to my Garments Buyers that they can see their goods through my eyes. Honesty, technical knowledge, interpersonal skills required to achieve the success. I do my best for my Buyers for their every interest.