Burqa Protects Women

Burqa protects women from the immoral look. The main purpose of wearing the burqa to cover the beauty. Some say burqa is not mandatory to cover beauty. There are many opposite opinions.  But those are not proven by the Holy Qur’an and Hadith. However, women can protect her wearing other clothes. It is acceptable to keep body covered without expressing herself. Muslim women chose such a garment that is not attractive. In that case, especially black burqa draw less attention. For this reason, women wear the black color burqa in this way.

The burqa is a decent dress.

Allah Almighty advised in al-Qur’ân to the women for limits of keeping eyes. This advised also applicable to Men. Both of them must obey this advice. Therefore, should not practice excessive or looseness in this regard. But the correct implementation of modesty is the demand of time. Displaying slackness on the modesty such as unfairness. on the other hand, it should not impose too much. Every woman has right to protect her. The burqa is a decent dress for women, so they wear. Many of the Muslims are also indifferent to the protection of Izzat-Abruh. That’s not correct at all. As the extremists and the illiterate do not find peace in themselves, they also deprive others of peace and deviate from the right path.

Some western countries banned the Burqa.

The burqa is banned in some western countries. Nowadays, it is the common scenario that Muslim women are criticising, neglecting, harassing for wearing the burqa. No logic that many western women wear the short dress as they wish, but it is the problem if Muslim women wear the burqa? Many will speak un-related to the subject but no one will give a correct answer. The Western world has achieved many improvements in the field of knowledge-science, luxury and mechanical comfort and enjoyment-it is undeniable. However, both the men and women, in the case of protecting the Izzat-Abruh, they are going on unknowingly destroying the way. Due to rape, free-sex culture, the rate of illegitimate children is increasing. A large number of people suffering from AIDS disease has become a terrible form. As a result, they are mentally suffering from turmoil and family and social unrest have reached such a state that the whole nation is adopting different ways and means for the time being to get rid of this crisis. But who are respectful of the religious rules, they are in mental peace.

Some Muslim countries are careless about the Burqa.

In some Muslim-dominated countries, the western wind blowing. Most of the population of these countries are born as Muslims. But due to lack of knowledge of the Qur’an and Hadith, and in some cases, a part of this community gradually leaned toward Western culture. Therefore, the majority of Muslim countries are not completely free from this problem as western countries. However, imposing additional restrictions outside the order of ‍almighty Allah, women should remain vigilant about not accepting torture. Because, due to the misuse of this provision, it is difficult for women to be reluctant to observe this rule. In this scandal, fanatics will try to mislead people in the name of Islam and try to mislead the women. Muslim countries should not like the western countries, to show slackness or to impose extra hardness. Allah protects us from any kind of confusion or backwardness.

The Burqa protects Men.

During extreme heat or winter, it may be necessary to wear sun-glass to cover all the faces. At that time men and women of any religion can cover their body temporarily as needed. But their arrangement is not for all time. But Allah Almighty has told the correct instructions to protect the modesty of Muslims for all time in his book. Whether it is the intensity of the wind or the flow of wild waves, it is compulsory to follow this direction to survive the intensity of the hellfire. So, should not neglect women if they want to wear the burqa. If they cover body, ultimately protects men from immoral wish or bad look.

The dispute in the society with the Burqa.

Islam does not like unbridled arbitrariness and pedestrianism to women. Almighty Allah knows what is good and what is bad for the human. The Holy Qur’an showed the easy path. But we move on the wrong path and bring disaster in our life. Both men and women can move each and every step of the system and the boundaries defined by al-Qur’ân and Hadīyah, Islam teaches all the time. We must bear in mind that the Holy Qur’an not only showed the path to the untouchable community to be civilized. Rather, it has been said the way to escape from the savage people who are ambuscade in civil society. There is also a universal solution for determining the standard of civilization and establishing peace in all societies. Islam urged to be modest if women wear the burqa and feel safe it is their right. Should not commence dispute and unrest in the society with the burqa.

Women wearing the Burqa as a shield of protection.

It is mandatory in Islam to save Izzat-Abruk for both men and women. It is not right to cover the head and feet only wearing the burqa. To achieve the full right and to benefit from this provision, always keep the mind pure. Those who do not care for modesty and who have disorders in their heart, in that case, have a lot of importance for women wearing the burqa as a shield to protect from those bad people. In an Islamic society, along with the strong and capable administration, proper implementation of this provision is very important. Because it is a very effective system for removing immorality and indecency from society and has no choice.


Many people want to show their openness even if they are completely naked. Almighty Allah has forbidden any form of this kind for the Muslim men and women. We can easily understand what parts of the body should be covered for the man and how much of the body part should be covered for the woman, we can easily understand it in the Holy Qur’an and Sahi Hadith.

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