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Abayas are the type of religious dress for women around the world. Women wear Abaya to cover their body when going out of the house. But Abayas are no longer limited to religious dresses. It is now a part of fashion. However, one thing we should remember that Abayas are not for spreading the beauty. Rather for covering the beauty. Use an Abaya that fulfills this purpose.

The thin or tight dress which expresses the beauty of the body is prohibited by Islam. It is mandatory to keep the whole body covered except the face, the lower part of the ankle and the lower part of the wrist. But it is important to keep the whole body covered with faces in front of the other person when it is feared.

Muslim women around the world use Abayas in daily movement. In the midst of its widespread demand among the women, the Islamic clothing online store has been presenting Casual and on-time stylish designs. You can buy easily through online shopping store. There is a variety of Abayas, as women of any age can choose according to their needs. Buy Abayas online for any celebration, marriage ceremony, as a gift for a loved one or for the general use of the house. You will get the most attractive offers and at the lowest price at Islamic clothing online store.

Islamic clothing online store has the biggest collections of all kinds of Abayas includes Basic Jersey AbayasBasic Jersey Lycra Abayas, Embroidered beads accent Lycra Abayas, Moss crepe Abayas with net lace, Zipper & pleats Abayas, Color block & printed Abayas. You can choose to buy Abayas online to fit your personalities.

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In the context of the use of clothes, Allah Almighty says, 'O son of Adam! I have provided you clothing, which covers your shame. I have also arranged get-up equipment. Indeed, the dress of deliverance is the best dress. These are the signs of Allah's power so that people accept the advice.' (Surah A'raf: 26)

Islam prohibits the purchase of extraordinary and high price clothing in the pursuit of luxury or hobbies. It is not very polluting to wear luxury garments at special times. But must not spend much money.

Men's clothes must cover naval to down of knees, but ankle must not cover. Must lose fit. Thobes/Dishdasha, Kurta, Sherwani, Hoodies, Loose fit long sleeves T-shirt & shirts are perfect men's clothing.  Silk clothes and gold Jewellery are very destructive for men and remissible in all cases. The type of clothing that is known as a foreign clothing is banned by Shariah. It is also prohibited to wear very splendid extracurricular clothing for peoples attention. Many men are seen to have bangles in their hands, earrings in their ears, and to use chains in their necks- prohibited in Islam. As well avoid red and yellow color clothes.

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Clothing is the identity of a man. There is no need for any other animal to wear cloth except human. Our dress must be modest and indecent. Modest clothing plays a powerful role in our life. That is why Islam stressed the importance of wearing modest clothes. In the Holy Quran and Hadith, it has not been annoying by issuing uncompromising provisions for clothing. Rather, it is permissible to use arbitrarily expensive and good clothes. But the limit violation can never be done. Because Allah does not like the transgressors.

Do not wear any clothes which don't cover body. The clothing cannot be such that body is understood. Nowadays, Burqa is wearing to cover body; But sadly, many of the burqas is so tight which is not desirable. At the present day, many men are seen who ride the bikes to wear three-quarters pant. And, many girls wear short clothes that do not cover the body. It is not desirable that women back & hands are open. Therefore, women should wear loose & mild cloths. Our mother & sisters wear garlands or so thin clothes, which called clothes, but in reality, the whole body is naked. Recently, another serious illness in our society is that men wear women clothing and women wear men clothing.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said - In my Ummah, there will be two groups of people whom I have not seen. Among them, there are a group of women who wear clothes while they are naked.

But the reality is that it is good to look at the role of women, submissive, and gentle. And the men are the men. Islamic clothing online store offers modest Islamic clothing includes Thobes, Kurta Tops & Set, Sherwani Set, Hoodies, Abayas, Jilbabs, Hijabs, Kurtis & Tunics, Pants, Hajj & prayer clothes.

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A new member coming to your family, You are going to be a mother, With the confirmation of the matter, your life must have changed. But what about the huge changes that will come in your clothes, what do you think? There are plenty of maternity & nursing abayas for those who are going to be a mother after a few days. Future moms can know which clothes to be worn at this time.

You have to know the proper clothing combination. So select the correct maternity & nursing abayas to understand the body structure. In order to pick correct abayas, it is important to keep two things in mind. 1. It is as comfortable as it is, the wind easy moves, it takes less heat. 2. That is to be worn a long time. So if the size change, can adjust without buying a new one. Your figure changes will be easily seen in light colors. So try to stay away from light colors. Give preference darker color than the white color. Also avoid striped clothing too. Wear colorful maternity & Nursing abayas. Your mind will be good in it. In addition, your child will be healthy too.

Buy maternity & Nursing abayas at Islamic clothing online store. Those abayas have following advantages. And, can be made by maternity system, which can be small or big according to the size of the abdomen. Front are open systems that are suitable for nursing. Those abayas are perfect for maternity & nursing for everyday use. 100% Cotton Twill Zipper Abayas, front Open Denim Embroidered Abaya, Zipper Jersey Abaya, Front Open Color Block Zipper Abaya, Crepe Drawstring Button Down Abaya, Modest Kaftan Abaya, Kimono Kaftan Abaya with Zipper Front, Pleated Tie Dye Abaya, Embroidered Ruffle Abaya Dress would be perfect as maternity & nursing dress.